Accuracy Intelligence

We look for multiple types of intelligence in our industry accountants including but not limited to:

  •  Accounting intelligence to properly apply accounting principles
  • Mathematical intelligence to make calculations and effectively analyze data
  • Systems intelligence to utilize and leverage accounting systems, Microsoft Excel and possibly utilize SQL and Microsoft Access
  • People intelligence to communicate effectively, build relationships, and lead
  • Special intelligence (when applicable) in areas such as (i) SEC reporting (ii) auditing, (iii) business  valuation, (vi) tax, etc.
  • We also look for people with great attitudes, desire and motivation with strong knowledge about their company and industry

The above-mentioned categories are formally taught in various mediums inside and outside organizations. However, accuracy intelligence (aka mistake avoidance intelligence) is usually not formally taught to industry accountants.

Consequently, many industry accountants with sufficient accounting, math, systems, and people intelligence make impactful mistakes that waste time, cause stress, and impact careers.

The book “The Industry Accountant’s Intelligence Briefing” teaches “accuracy intelligence”.

Finally, this previously untouched field of study has been researched.

See for more information.

Joseph D. Rotman – CPA and Author



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