It is apparent the research for this book was done on the front-lines.  After reading this book, I felt challenged to elevate the my work by addressing new techniques and refreshing the old. It is an effective tool to enhance Accounting & Finance teams and propel the individual’s career!

Zach Miller

What I find most interesting is that although your book is for accountants, I think it really could apply to many different professions. I find myself relating to and understanding a lot of the mistake concepts that you discuss and thinking how it could apply to me personally, especially when I worked in a large law firm that had many levels of managers and partners. In particular, I found the mistake regarding ineffective communication with bosses very useful - those are definitely areas that I never really communicated to my bosses about but I see now how it could help with that relationship and promotion potential. So, although you're focusing on accountants, these concepts are really very informative for a lot of people!


A useful, practical and applicable tool is how I would immediately characterize this book. The first of its kind that addresses, with poignant detail, many of the nuances that Accounting & Finance professionals experience on a day-to-day basis. This book is a teaching tool that is motivating and thought-provoking. I provided this book to each of my staff and have already experienced measurable results as a function of their reading the book. This book is a must read for all professionals!

Jacob Roldan

It’s been really encouraging to read through the most common mistakes people make, why they make them, and how to prevent them. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this and I feel a lot more optimistic about achieving that now. This book is exactly what I’ve been looking for and the kind of feedback and guidance I’ve wanted from my managers. Also, I really love getting insight into things that I haven’t had exposure to yet and common mistakes that can occur in areas I don’t work in. Even understanding how to deal with external auditors has been really eye-opening.

Sr. Accountant

The Industry Accountant's Intelligence Briefing is a true gem in a world of fast paced / hectic deadlines and time-sensitive pressures where we are most vulnerable to make mistakes. Spending just a few minutes a day with this well indexed material can alleviate the potential for unnecessary and even costly mistakes in our daily jobs. Joseph Rotman is a visionary in the sense that he can focus on the potential problem areas and highlight the solutions for others to capitalize on. The Industry Accountant's Intelligence Briefing is a resource for every level of professional and a simple solution to everyday problems.

Troy Martin
Global Power Equipment Group Inc.
Professor - Anderson University and Accounting Professional

What a great book!! I'm recommending it to my whole team and everyone I've worked with. So many good insights. Some of the things I learned long ago but those fell by the way side. I think the examples and in depth look into mistakes is so helpful and gives me something to look for and focus more on. Thank you so much for taking the time and dedication to put together such a great book.

Angela Bow
Global Power - Koontz Wagner division
Cost Accountant

I have been in the accounting and finance management and consulting area for over 20 years and am currently a financial advisor. It would have been so helpful to have Joe's information earlier in my career than gaining much of it through the school of "hard knocks".

Dallas Rainwater
Ameriprise Financial
Financial Advisor

Great book with examples you can understand. A must read book for accounting managers, a tool any accountant should read to help them get ahead. Real life insights on problem areas that happen in any industry.


I really enjoyed reading this book and consider it the first of its kind in addressing certain realities in the real world of industry accounting. In my observation this book provides insights and solutions that may take years for a qualified individual to learn through trial, error and frustration on the job. If I were CFO of any company from mom and pop to fortune 50, I would ensure that the book would be included as required reading in the orientation package for each new accounting and finance employee, as well as every existing finance and acct employee currently on staff for their reading files.

Kent Birmingham
Self employed
Former VP financial planning, reporting & analysis


I spent five years obtaining a bachelor's and master's degree in accounting and am a licensed CPA. However, no one in school ever taught me the important, practical, and useful skill-set discussed in Joe's book. Save yourself the day-to-day heartache at work, read the book, and distinguish yourself from your peers at work by producing a high-quality work product....by Roger M.

I read your book, highlighted, noted and flagged a lot pages for me to go back and read again as a reminder. Loved the section on work papers and ensuring they're simple and visual (duh!!). Also, I love excel and thrives on rows and columns of data and wonderful formulas! Thanks for writing the book specific to accounting and SEC reporting!

Financial Services
SEC Reporting Manager

This is a fantastic book for Director's and Controller's for providing tutelage to direct reports. No longer do you have to say "pay attention to detail" or "step back and look at the big picture". Rather, you can get to root cause of a myriad of issues and situations and effectively communicate solutions.

Director of SEC Reporting

I read through the book and thought it was very well done. I wish I would have had such a book when I was working. I spent 20 years working in Big 4 public accounting and as CAO/Treasurer for an S&P 500 company before teaching and I really think that you have learned some valuable lessons that can be shared with others. I think it is an excellent resource manual for accountants. Awesome book!

Larry T
Accounting Professor / Former CAO

This is a well written book that draws attention to common accounting problems. Practical examples and helpful hints make this an easy to read book that can help accountants become more successful with their careers.

Ronald Kral
Candela Solutions LLC
Managing Partner

This book has been a Godsend! I keep it at my desk and there has never been a situation that I needed to research that was not directly in the book or where there wasn't a similar situation covered. The idea of such a publication was pure genius and an every accountant everywhere should have a copy by their side!

Sr Financial Reporting Analyst

Worth every penny! The nine chapters of this 175 page paperback book will guard those aiming for the executive level from treading water for years due to avoidable mistakes. The range of barriers considered is comprehensive, including technical, personal, interpersonal, and organizational factors. The book is based on author Joseph Rotman's many years as a top industry accountant and, laudably, his systematic surveys of other industry accountants.The lessons learned come directly from the trenches where careers are made or laid in the shade. For every one of the top 48 mistakes ruthlessly detailed specifics are given. Rotman writes with exceptional directness as to mistakes and their consequences, always with concrete, actionable guidance on how to keep from shooting yourself in the gut. I work more in the applied statistics line & for government as well as industry, but I recognize and flinch at much of what is discussed. For example, -- hard-coding cells that should have formulas, --incomplete double-checking, --lack of a reviewer --not confirming you are dealing with the right population --ineffective communication with bosses Rotman has nailed these concerns. This is a book not only for industry accountants but also for others who are responsible for providing appropriate, timely, trustworthy data/information in high stress, high stakes settings in right-now worlds with right-now technologies. It is further a sterling example of gender equitable writing in a corporate context, and as such could be a valuable component in B-school courses as well as corporate training. A great gift to yourself and those entering or aimed at the top of the ladder in corporate workplaces. This is very much, as the cover shows & the title says, an intelligence briefing from the trenches.


Really great read for a professional or soon-to-be professional corporate accountant. There were some great examples that helped to highlight some great guidance on how to be a successful corporate accountant. I'll be reading it again!


When I saw the promotional youtube for this book, it hit so many home-runs. It’s the advice I received when I started in public accounting and it’s still the same advice I give to my team members. When the video said “you need to be more detail”, I knew I had to read this book! This "detail" requirement is in almost every job posting for accountants.

I’ve got flags and highlights all over this book. I write down the specific version that happened at work and how I should do it differently. Would highly recommend for anyone in accounting, especially in a financial reporting group!


The Industry Accountant's Intelligence Briefing is beneficial for professionals on all levels of the accounting industry. Several concepts covered are not only beneficial professionally, but can easily be applied personally, as well. It's amazing how relevant this book is to my ever evolving career in accounting. It is a must-read, and is quite a distinctive book, in that it addresses accounting from multiple perspectives, most notably, Chapter 6, which the title alone resonated with me so much that I opted to read that chapter first! This book is like a trip to Disney World - you will experience something different each time you immerse yourself in it! The Intelligence Briefing should be prerequisite to those of us interested in pursuing careers in Accounting, though I am blessed to learn from it even in my 10+ year career.

Tiffaney Moore, CPA

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